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Padel Tours was founded in 2020 after having fallen head over heals in love with the sport. Our mission is to offer padel tours that will make you a better all around padel player. You will play on the best courts and with professional coaches on Costa del sol. 

We are Danish but have lived in Spain since 2017. We know the Scandinavian standard by heart and strive to offer the best service to our customers. Enjoy the beautiful weather and surroundings in Malaga and rely on a professional Scandinavian team who knows how important good service is.

Enjoy playing outside under the blue skies all year around. You will play on some of the best padel courts on Costa del Sol.

We work with some of the best and most experienced padel coaches. Many of them former World Padel Tour players. Most of the coaches are Spanish but they all speak English. They are experts in coaching both beginners and more experienced players and we guarantee that after a training camp with us you will become a better padel player.

Besides the professional coaching you will get to play matches with local players on your level and join a mix-in tournament with local players.

So you will have the possibility to expand your network and meet others with the same passion for the padel sport.

We have created our padel tours to accommodate different budgets. We have different padel tours and all can be tailored after your specific needs.

Costa del Sol has a lot more to offer than just sandy beaches and green golf courses. On one side of the highway you have the vibrant beaches, shops and restaurants and on the other side you will find mountains, white villages and calm beautiful nature.

We can offer you several extra services and we have teamed up with some of the best companies on the Coast so we can offer you special deals.

Bike rental, car rental, buggies, boat trips, beach clubs - you name it and we will help you!

What are you waiting for? With 320 days of sunshine Costa del Sol is the perfect destination to improve your padel skills under the blue skies.

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Professional padel coaches

The best padel courts

Matches & tournaments with local players

EMS workout

Coaching & massage

Car rental &

airport transfer

Top leisure &


Bike rental & guided tours

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