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If you want to book a padel tour fill in the booking request with your specific requirements. Then we will send you an offer on a padel tour based on your dates, number of participants and extra services. When you have approved our offer we will send you an invoice. If you have any specific requirements please let us know when you fill in the booking request.

All bookings are subject to availability and you will receive a written confirmation from us when your booking is confirmed.

When you book a padel tour you must pay the full amount in advance to make sure your space is secured. All tours have a minimum number of participants, normally 4. If you wish to attend a padel tour on your own or for 2-3 persons just send us a request and we will let you know the possibilities.


The price shown online and in your invoice is the total amount that you have to pay in advance. Under each padel tour you can see whats included in the price. We also offer extra services which are not included in the basic tour price.

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. However you will not be charged any additional amount in this case if you have already paid for your padel tour.

Airport transfer:

All our padel tours include airport transfer. If you are renting your own car please let us know in advance. We can also offer you car rental from one of our collaborators.



Flight tickets are not included in the padel tour. You have to book your own flight tickets and there is several flight companies that fly to Malaga. If you book in advance you can get ticket for very reasonable prices.


Insurance is not included in the padel tour. It is your responsibility that you have a valid travel insurance and also that you are covered in case of a sport injury.


If you want to cancel your booking please send us a written request. We will try our best to help you reschedule your padel tour to other dates. If thats not possible we will refund your payment minus 5% administration fee. Cancellation made within one month before the padel tour are non refundable.

Changes made by Padel Tours:

It may occur that we need to make small adjustments to your padel tour. In that case we will notify you so you can accept the small change. If it is major changes we offer you the possibility to choose a different padel tour.

It rare situations we may be forced to cancel your padel tour due to unfourseen events. In this case you will receive a full refund of your prepaid amount.


Padel Tours can not be made responsible for the customer's personal circumstances, sicknesses, weather conditions, transport problems or any other event of force majeure. Customer accepts that no refunds would be made for any of the above reasons without any exceptions.

The customer is responsible for sufficient personal insurance coverage for risks that may occur during the padel tour. Padel Tours is not liable for any claims for body injury or harm, accidents or loss of personal belonging caused by weather, sickness, persons, cars or any other causes and causers. 

Padel Tours take full responsibility for the arrangement of the padel tours and the quality of these.

Padel Tours accepts responsibility for the acts or omissions of its employees, agents, suppliers and sub-contractors whilst acting within the scope of or in the course of their employment, agency or contract of supply.

All arrangements are subject to the conditions of the relevant supplier, some of which limit or exclude the supplier’s liability to you, usually in accordance with international conventions. You are deemed to have accepted these conditions, which are available on request from the suppliers direct.

All the information provided by the customer to Padel Tours is protected by the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation May 25 2018.

The provisions of this contract shall be governed by Spanish law. For all disputes derived from this contract or relating to it, the jurisdiction shall be Malaga, Spain.

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